Staffan Nilsson (Presidency 2010-2013)

Staffan Nilsson (Sweden), President of the European Economic and Social CommitteeStaffan Nilsson’s personality, professional skills and commitment to civil society ideals, which the EESC has long nourished and has worked for over the years, led to his election as President of the European Economic and Social Committee on 20 October 2010. Staffan Nilsson is a staunch supporter of the EU, whose primary purpose is to bring lasting peace to the continent, and a tireless advocate of sustainable growth, which is the best way of financing a social model serving the common good of all Europeans, and of defending our values internationally. 

“Engaging people for a sustainable Europe” is Staffan’s political message for his term of office. He is politically committed to ensuring maximum civic engagement in Europe’s endeavours to foster environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Nilsson is a veteran leader in the EESC. Before becoming President of the EESC, he was President of Group III (Various Interests) for six years, and Vice-president for another six. Since 1995, when he became a member of the EESC and Group III, he has actively contributed his expertise to the work of the EESC, mainly in the fields of agriculture, sustainable development and international cooperation.

He has been rapporteur for opinions on the Soil Protection Framework Directive, the Communication on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides, agriculture and food safety in the context of the Euromed partnership, and the Action plan for Environmental Technology – to mention but a few. Nilsson has been an active member of the EESC Joint Consultative Committees (JCCs) established with accession countries in the past, and he currently plays a key role in the EU-Turkey JCC and the Euromed Committee.

An activist since his student years and now a prosperous farmer, Staffan Nilsson is a driving force for dialogue and inclusive development. Openness and cooperation are the hallmarks of this term.


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