EU Flagship Initiatives on Europe 2020

Related Theme: Europe 2020

Digital Agenda for Europe

This flagship puts forward that a great potential of information and  communication technologies (ICT) can be harnessed to mobilise the digital economy to provide a critically needed stimulus to growth and increasing living standards for Europeans.

Youth on the move

This flagship brings up the possibilities that Europe has to offer – degree, new job, training, your own business. Every year more than 400.000 young people receive support from the EU to work, study or train and study abroad.

Resource efficient Europe

This flagship provides a long-term framework for a progressive shift towards a more resource-efficient, low-carbon economy to achieve sustainable growth. Increasing resource efficiency will bring major economic opportunities and boost competitiveness.

Innovation Union

With its 30+ actions points, this flagship calls forth
an innovation in products, services and business models
to help the EU to cope better with an ageing  population
and strong pressure due to difficult economic climate.

An industrial policy for the globalisation era

This flagship encompasses a full range of EU policies in view to maintain and to support a strong, diversified and competitive base in Europe, offering well-paid jobs while becoming more resource efficient.

New skills and jobs

This flagship is for raising the employment levels in Europe by improving the quality of jobs and conditions for job creation, combined with better flexibility and security
in the labour market.

European platform against poverty

This flagship sets the coordinating role of the EU for reducing the poverty and social exclusion by identifying best practices, setting up EU-wide rules and making available funds.